About me

I’m a happy and enthusiastic guy who has a great passion for User-Centered Design, Service Design, User Experience, and Design Thinking. I pretty much love everything about design - from Dieter Rams' 10 principles of design to Donald Norman’s idea about involving the user in the design process. 

To me, design is not only about designing pixel-perfect screens but also about letting design have an impact on a strategic level and to challenge the existing solutions by trying things out, prototype experiences, and products by treating yourself as an end-user.

I live in Nørrebro, Copenhagen together with my girlfriend, Anne Kathrine. She works as an HR consultant in the Danish Ministry of Justice. Together we have a little boy called Willie. With a small kid in the household, there are plenty of tasks on the to-do list but I try to make time for my interests: Music Festivals, Skiing, Football, and Running the streets of Copenhagen with fellow runners from NBRO - a running community-based in Nørrebro.

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