Role:   Experience lead
Duration: FALL 2019 - SUMMER 2021




One of the objectives of Nordea’s digital strategy is to convert existing customers who do not engage with investments to start investing in the DIY channels. I was having a lead role in transforming the strategic objective into an experience roadmap with well-defined steps. The roadmap is created and sorted based on balancing desirability (design), feasibility (tech), and viability (business). 



Before starting this project, the investment options for the non-investor were well hidden in the digital channels. To get started with investing you needed to find the 'get-started'-button in the 'more' section of the mobile app, and the Savings & investment area was only accessible for customers who already have savings and investments with Nordea.

The aim was to make investment relevant and understandable for the customers who do not have started their investment journey and at the same time balancing desirability (design), feasibility (tech), and viability (business). 



A roadmap with 3 phases each with an invidual concept.


Phase 1 
Improve the visibility of the investment solution called Nora in the mobile app for customers without any investments with Nordea. An empty state of the investment widget was introduced. 



Phase 2
Create access to the investment area for customers without any savings in an appealing and engaging way. A dedicated area for the non-investors was created.



Phase 3
Create a whole universe for the non-investor segment. The main purpose of the area is to help the customers figure out if investing is relevant now or later, help them get started with savings and investment, and match them with the right investment product.



The roadmap is created and sorted based on balancing desirability (design), feasibility (tech), and viability (business). 

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