Duration: SPRING 2018 - SUMMER 2021 



Design lead for developing and maintaining the savings and investment experience in Nordea's online banking solution. This ongoing process includes reflecting the business strategy in the app, converting early designs into tangible concepts, and designing user-friendly flows. 



We were tasked with creating a responsive web design that offered a seamless experience for customers.











Nordea follows the SAFe Agile Framework when developing and maintaining digital platforms. The difference between working in an ordinary Scrum team and SAFe is that every Scrum team is part of an Agile Release Train (ART). Every 10 weeks there is Program Increment (PI) planning, an event that serves as the heartbeat of the ART, aligning all the teams on the ART to a shared mission and vision. During the PI planning, the teams discuss which features will be delivered based on the biggest value for the end-user and commit to delivering a set of features until the next PI planning.

In SAFe the UX designer can either be part of a specific team, an ART, or a Shared Service. In Nordea, the UX discipline is a support service in each ART. My role as a UX designer was to support a couple of development teams within the ART together with other UX colleagues.

Our aim for the UX discipline within the SAFe Agile Framework was to be a couple of steps ahead of the development and business strategy. The purpose of being ahead was two-sided; to have an impact on the selection of features and to create the best possible designs.

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